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Our Mission

We exist to transform the lives of one million children in Africa, helping them to reach their God-given potential through clean drinking water and gospel teaching.

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Our Impact

In Southern Zambia we have become the main organization repairing wells to free families of water-borne diseases that affect their lives. Based out of Livingstone, we have been bringing clean water to villages, churches, clinics, and schools. Our efforts have helped provide water to over 127,000 people.



Well Repair


villages and churches

Wells repaired in villages and churches provide clean water to large numbers of men, women and children.




When a well is repaired at a school, children can attend regularly and concentrate on their education.




Repairing a well at a clinic provides doctors, nurses and patients with clean water free of diseases.

Population Impacted: 154,000+


Water, Children and Discipleship

What do clean water, children's ministry, discipleship and Zambia have in common? They are the main focuses of OneMillionChildren. Every well we repair gives us the opportunity to spread the word of God to the children and people of the village. OneMillionChildren offers a missions school in Livingstone where men and women of faith learn how to effectively spread the Word of God among their people. We are also involved in children’s ministry through a partnership with Rural Hope Africa.


Why Zambia

OneMillionChildren is based in Zambia because nearly 2,000 children under five die each year due to diarrheal diseases as a result of contaminated water sources. Providing access to clean water can make an immediate impact on young lives.

Hope For Children Ministry Sites

OneMillionChildren, in partnership with Rural Hope Africa, believes that faithfully and carefully teaching God’s Word to children in a way that engages their hearts and will lay a foundation so that they can live in the fullness of the life of God. 

Clean Water

Water is a fundamental human need. OneMillionChildren considers access to clean water a basic human right and an essential step toward improving living standards in Southern Zambia.

Missions School

OneMillionChildren teaches rural pastors to know God and the power of His Word through our Missions School. We are empowering them to go forth and spread the word of God in their villages and beyond.

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