For five years, children attending the Sibanyati Basic School had a well that worked poorly before it stopped pumping water altogether. This caused the children and teachers to begin searching for water in local, shallow wells that produce contaminated water. As the hot season approached, the water situation became a crisis to the point that leaders were prepared to close the school. They contacted OneMillionChildren. The well was repaired, the water restored and the children can now focus on their education.

OneMillionChildren’s work in Nyawa prompted a request for help with the water crisis at the Sikaunzwe Clinic. They were without clean water for the pregnant women waiting to give birth along with all the other needs of a medical facility. Our team got the necessary parts and repaired the well. The district health officer wrote in a report that the work of OneMillionChildren was directly responsible for reducing the number of cases of dysentery and diarrhea in Nyawa.


A woman was heartbroken because her child was suffering, crying all night and sick during the day. She had heard testimonies of a Man of God who laid hands on people and they were healed. In faith, she took her child to see David Libindo, one of the students from the OMC Mission School and shared that she had been advised to seek prayer instead of treatment from a witchdoctor. David laid hands on the child and in the name of Jesus, the child was healed. The mother stopped back the next week thanking him and reporting that the child was permanently healed and enjoying good health. 

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