African Journals/October 2019


It is difficult to explain to someone who has never been in Africa the logistical challenges to expanding a ministry. We jump into our cars and travel on well paved roads to get where we need to go. In Africa paved roads are rare. Yet millions of Zambians live in what you and I would call, "the middle of nowhere." OMC is committed to reaching the children who are off the grid. To accomplish this we needed to challenge our Zambian graduates to take a leadership role in this. We divided our Hope for Children ministry sites into zones and chose 10 grads to oversee each of those zones. The challenge was how would these leaders travel the distances to regularly visit the sites assigned to them. The only logical answer was to provide each of them with a bicycle.  


The success of this strategy was almost immediate. We have gone from 54 sites to 95 this year. But the key is that each site leader is receiving the support they need to maintain a healthy environment for the children to accept and grow in Jesus Christ. The first picture is the day we delivered the bikes to our 10 leaders. Three of the leaders came later in the day so you only see seven in the picture. We are so grateful to those of you who sent in a special offering to help us purchase the bikes. We were able to give each leader a Buffalo Bike which is the best bike for off road use. We are able to reach more of these beautiful children because of your generosity. 

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Tim Pickel