African Journals/ August 2019


We require our Hope for Zambia Bible School students go on at least two expeditions before graduating. We take them out to an area in the bush for a weekend and they are to minister there. Our current group of 28 students went on their first expedition last weekend. Here are some of the students heading out for a day of ministry. 


This is Simon praying for a group of children that he preached the gospel to. 


This is Cholwe ministering the gospel to a large group of children in a village. 


This is Linda (left), one of our students, ministering one on one with a young women in the village. No matter if it was a crowd or just a few people in a family our students shared the love of God with each one. For the two and a half days that they were there they recorded 717 first time commitments to Jesus Christ with 340 of those being children. One of our students will be planting a church there to assure that these new believers have the chance to be discipled. The seeds we are sowing into our students lives is bringing a good harvest. Our web site is

Tim Pickel