African Journals/June/July 2019


Recently we went back to visit one of the first wells that we repaired in 2016. Our goal was to see how the well was performing and to hear from the villagers what our repair has meant to them. The well is located in the village of Chilefwe in the chiefdom of Musokotwane. It is still producing a good flow of water and overall appears to be in excellent condition. As you can see in the picture the village has done a good job of building a fence around the well to keep cattle from damaging it. 


We interviewed Orbit (man in the above picture), who is one of the village leaders. He told us that before the well was originally drilled the village constantly struggled finding clean water. They had to dig shallow wells to find water and they often produced very contaminated water. He explained that most of the village suffered from diarrhea and dysentery. When the well was drilled the disease stopped. But after some years the pump broke down and they were once again without a clean source of water. He said that they had no resources available to repair the well and it remained broken for about six months. The villagers, once again, got sick. He told us that when OMC came and repaired the well that it saved lives.  

This is the reality of life in Africa. Together we can continue to save lives and open doors for the demonstration of the love of God. Thank you. 

Tim Pickel