African Life


The well in a village is a very busy and important place. Most wells are being used 12-15 hours a day seven days a week. A well can be the water supply for as few as 100 villagers all the way up to 1,000. Each family draws their daily need from that one pump for drinking, cooking, and bathing. An average family of six would have to make at least two trips a day to the well and often three. Depending on the distance that their home is from the well this can be a full time job; often for the girls. This responsibility can keep young girls from being able to go to school. Each of the containers weighs about 40lbs full of water and these children will carry them to their homes. For a village the real crisis comes when the well stops pumping water. Now every family must find other sources of water. This usually means traveling much longer distances for water that usually is contaminated. Villages can go many years before their well is repaired. We have a waiting list of over 300 wells waiting to be repaired! We are so very grateful for your partnership and the wells we have been able to repair. We have the team, equipment, and expertise to repair more. If you can help we promise you that we will use every penny to get those pumps working again. Please mark your donation for well repair. Thank you.

Tim Pickel