African Journals/May 2019


This is Harold Mwaanga. He graduated from our first Bible school class in 2017. He lives in the village of Kalonga in the chiefdom of Siachitema. Last year our well repair team repaired a well about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from his home village. Harold was there when the well was repaired and noticed that the village had no church. He sensed the Lord leading him to start a church there. This year the church was launched.


Here is the well we repaired and you can see the church building in the background.


Here is the church building. Certainly not much by American standards, but to the people of this village it is very important. Imagine living where there was no place to worship and hear the word of God. 


Harold ministering to his congregation. This is why we have a Bible school, to prepare men and women like Harold to be ready to answer the call of God. It"s a small village in a very remote place in Africa, yet God cares very much for the salvation of these families. Harold needs a good bicycle to travel several times a week from his home to the church. Round trip it is 12.4 miles. There are a number of our graduates that also have the same need. A good bicycle that is made for the rough roads of Africa is $300.00 US. That is probably more than Harold makes in 6 months. Would you consider helping Harold and some of our other graduates. A $1,000.00 would purchase three bikes with spare parts. Whatever you could help us with will be greatly appreciated. For every bike you purchase we will send you pictures of the recipient and a story of what they are doing for the Kingdom. Please mark your gifts "bike project." Thank you very much.

Tim Pickel