African Journals March /April 2019


It is that time of year when we will be launching our next missions school class for 2019. Marsha and I are going back to Africa at the end of March. We will be starting mission school classes on April 1st. We are changing our format this year. In the past we did two separate classes. We found that this did not give us much spare time to do follow up training with our past graduates and visit our Hope for Children ministry sites. We will have one class with between 40-45 students. They will be in school for two weeks then get 11 days to be home with their families before the must return again. This will give us 11 days to be out doing follow up trainings and visiting children's sites. One other benefit is we will get 20 more days of class time with the students. They will graduate in mid August.


Our past graduates need our support. They are under constant attack from so many enemies. When they preach the truth, there is resistance from many of the churches that are near them. Paul warned the leaders of the Church at Ephesus that trouble would come from outside the church and from inside. It is the enemy's tactic to discourage them so they change their message or just quit. We are committed to making sure that they persevere and finish the race. Tom Siacetema does an amazing job of maintaining regular contact with our graduates, even when we are not in Africa. This is not an easy task. These precious ministers are spread out over a large area and much of it is very remote. It would be so much easier to just stay in one spot, yet this is not God's will for OMC. The importance of regular discipleship is key to God's call on our lives, so that 100 years from now, if the Lord should tarry, their children's children will be preaching the word of God to their generation. 


You can always tell the time is getting near to return to Africa; the spare bed gets covered with things to take. Thank God that Marsha is so organized. As always we thank you for partnering with us. Together with God 2019 is going to be awesome! 

Tim Pickel