We are blessed to receive positive reports concerning the ministries of our mission students. Recently we were given a story that confirms to us that we are training our mission students to have a godly heart toward broken people. One of our students, David Libindo, pursued an opportunity to minister to a very remote group of people along the Kalomo River. These people are involved in polygamy. For generations the church that was planted in their area told them that God hated them and that there was no hope for them, they were going to hell. David began his ministry by going house to house to share the gospel with each individual family. He is reporting that at first the results were slow to come as the devil has had such a long time to plant doubt and fear into these peoples minds. After about a month of doing house to house ministry David felt led to start a community Bible study. He reported to our ministry partner, Tom Siachitema, that in the past couple of weeks many of these families have turned to the Lord and received Christ as savior. The Bible study is growing each week. David confirmed that none of this would have been possible without the training he received at our missions school.  


Your faithful support makes these victories possible. Yet there is so much more that can be done. As a partner of OMC would you consider sharing with two or three relatives or friends your passion for reaching unreached people with the love of God. With their permission, send us their email and we can place them on our monthly newsletter. Together we can go much further than going alone. Thank you.

Tim Pickel