This is Andrew Lumbasi. He graduated from our second missions school class. He lives in Kalonda Village in the Chiefdom of Siachitema. He is married with 6 children. He is remembered by all of his fellow students and teachers as the man with all the questions. He was so hungry to know the truth. Both he and his wife have a deep passion for children. They started a Hope for Children ministry site in their village and they are ministering to 50 children a week. 


One of the principles that we teach our missions students is that a child can be just as much of a minister as an adult. We believe that we can help these children to discover, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, they can minister the word of God. We see each child in our Hope for Children sites as an evangelist to their families and other children. In Psalm 8:2, we see that God has established strength out of the mouths of 'babes and nursing infants." His purpose is that through them the enemy would be silenced.


These are the ministers of a great revival. Our core belief and purpose is that children in a third world country can discover and live in the fullness of the life of God. From that life they will change their village, their chiefdom, and their nation. 

Tim Pickel