This is a faucet for a village full of people in Zambia. A simple hand pump is the source that supplies water just like your faucet supplies water for you. The difference is that you and I might spend 10 minutes a day drawing the water we need. An average Zambian family spends at least two hours a day drawing the water they need from a hand pump like this one. Now if one of our faucets breaks we have several more in our homes that we can use. When one of these hand pumps breaks it causes a crisis for hundreds of people.


If all goes well the average well can be repaired in about four to five hours. In a good day our well repair team can repair two wells. We have over 300 wells waiting to be repaired. On their last trip our well repair team was out for 10 days and repaired 22 wells. The total cost per well repair averages $750.00. 


We are training another well repair expert so that next year we can launch a second well repair team. Unfortunately we have used up the available money we had for well repair for this year. We have repaired a total of 36 wells. The need and opportunities are unlimited. We will diligently continue to follow God's leading and favor to develop new partnerships. It is important to remember that well repair is a door to the preaching of the gospel. Our missions students continue to minister the gospel in the areas that we are repairing wells. That is our central purpose. If you have a church, small group, or friends that would like to hear more about this ministry please let me know and we will make arrangements to share the vision with them. You can contact me at Thank you!

Tim Pickel